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What Clients Are Saying...

Many Consultants have game and gimmicks; however, an important mark of the quality of the consultant is the respect and enthusiasm of her clients. Shelley has earned the endorsement of a wide range of clients for her comprehensive diagnostic assessments and coaching and counseling successes. In addition, she is well-respected by her peers and by those psychologists who have recognized her skills and her many years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of psychological problems in a range of prominent business organizations.

Harry Levinson Ph.D.

1922-2012, Clinical Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Harvard Medical School, Founder of the Levinson Institute

I have known and worked with Dr. Shelley for a number of years in a variety of critical workplace situations and have the highest respect for her personal character, her keen abilities, and her impeccable confidentiality.  Her unique background in psychology, coaching and consulting allows her to bring a set of skills to the table which prove invaluable to both the individual and the organization.  It is rare, indeed, to find this depth of knowledge and understanding, as well as the skills to execute practical, enduring solutions, in one professional.  For these reasons, Shelley remains a trusted advisor

David C. O’Leary

Former Global Head of Human Resources Credit Suisse First Boston, former Global Head of Human Resources and Chief Administrative Officer, State Street Corporation

Dr. Shelley is a rare speaker who draws upon her insights as a coach and therapist to help women, in particular, to understand the broader currents of change that are sweeping them onto the beach of demanding jobs.  She makes it clear that it’s not personal but there are personal strategies that can help women feel and be empowered. She is able to take normally taboo topics of anger and power out of the closet in a way that helps women to claim their seat at the table.

Alicia Whitaker

Principal Whitaker Associates, Former Managing Director, Global Human Resources Programs, Credit Suisse

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Dr. Shelley Reciniello

I have known Dr. Shelley for over three decades.  I have learned a lot from her in her many roles and value her counsel and friendship.  I highly recommend her as a coach, consultant, speaker and as a person.

Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray, Co-CEO, Bridgewater Associates

I have known Dr. Reciniello professionally and personally for over 30 years.  During my career as a Benefits Director and HR COO, I have been fortunate to work with Shelley as she provided world-class EAP, coaching and therapy services to numerous significant financial firms. Her insight, intellect, and wisdom combined with her understanding of complex, challenging and intense work environments make her unique, and her services invaluable. Dr. Reciniello is both sensitive and pragmatic, always focused on the best outcome for all. I have seen her save careers and lives.

Bernadette Whitaker

HR COO, Deutsche Bank; Former Benefits Director, Morgan Stanley

I've worked with Dr. Shelley for the last 10 years in my industry.  She has provided professional expertise and services, whether it was executive coaching or conducting an intervention.  She is able to look at a complex HR issue, see through the layers, understand the personalities involved and the culture of the organization.  Her analyses of the problems are targeted and most importantly, she customizes the steps towards a solution.

Director, Employee and Labor Relations

Higher Education

I had the privilege of working with Dr. Shelley Reciniello over a 3 year period, during which she acted as a leadership coach for me and members of my senior legal team.  Shelley brought wisdom and insight to everyone both as a group and for many of us individually.  With her deep understanding of the psychological underpinnings of how people and organizations interact, she brought a personal but also very impactful perspective to some of the challenges we were addressing.  Additional wisdom was available to all from her book, The Conscious Leader, and I also gained a lot of insight from some of the more scholarly writings that she shared with me.  I'm pleased to recommend "Dr. Shelley" for leadership coaching and consulting - satisfaction guaranteed!


Global General Counsel for luxury group

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Having the opportunity to work with Dr. Shelley was truly both an honor and a privilege.  She coaches with a rare mixture of insight, compassion, and pragmatic counsel and brings her background in clinical psychology coupled with her years of hands-on experience in a structured and constructive way.  She pulled me off ledges; supported and challenged me when needed; was a true advocate and sponsor, and genuinely helped me become a better leader & colleague and a better parent & friend.  I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her executive coaching practice.

Kerry Francis

Former Regional Head of Talent Management, Americas - AIG, New York

I have been privileged to hear Dr. Shelley present on a variety of topics over the years. In particular, I will never forget her words of compassion and hope to countless groups in the days following 9/11. She is a charismatic speaker who educates and inspires her audience with psychological insight, empathy, and humor.  I highly recommend her as a keynote presenter or workshop leader for any organization.

Alan Grossman

LCSW-R, Director and Founder, New York Counseling and CSW Service, PC

I have had the pleasure of working with Shelley for over 20 years. Consummate clinician, consultant, and public speaker, she embodies a common sense wisdom that cuts through the jargon of contemporary psycho-babble. She has helped me and my team to untangle situations to find more creative, effective strategies. Her new book is powerful and her presentations about its contents are dynamic and thought-provoking. Our team and audiences always love her!


Behavioral Health Care Company

Many experts address gender inequity in the workplace, but there is no one who can deconstruct societal causes and personal challenges like Dr. Shelley Reciniello. In her speaking engagements, she weaves together her vast experience coaching corporate leaders and her training in psychology to give the audience a deeper understanding of the "whys" gender discrimination persists and the 'hows" of changing the behavior of companies, colleagues, and ourselves. Dr. Shelley's deep insights and wise recommendations, for which I am grateful, have helped shape our organization's approach to the enormous job of changing the culture and achieving a positive shift toward equity and opportunity for women in the workplace.

Beverly Neufeld

President and Founder of PowHer New York

I have been working with Dr. Shelley for almost three years now, and am impressed with her astute ability to cut through an organizational problem very quickly.  She combines empathy, organizational knowledge and intuition in her work and the result for FIT has been profoundly effective organizational change.

Brenda J. Smith

Interim Vice President for Human Resource Management and Labor Relations

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