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Dr. Shelley Reciniello

Organizational Consultation & Intervention

I have come to think of myself as a consulting psychological detective because I look for the unrecognized, underlying psychological issues that caused the problem. When what has gone wrong doesn’t make sense - a poised for success corporate initiative fails, a promising individual or team can’t perform, a well-conceived departmental project doesn’t deliver – I help organizations and individuals find the real culprit. Often they are looking in the wrong place.

 I was trained in the process of organizational assessment and diagnosis by my mentor, Dr. Harry Levinson, who created this methodology, which I conduct with both healthy and distressed private, public and not-for-profit organizations. Sometimes I bring together similarly trained colleagues, and during our consultation process we seek to ascertain an understanding of the psychology of the organization, as well as the issues and personalities involved in a given situation. The company’s history, unique style and subculture, and the values and goals of the organization form an integral part of the assessment. We create strategies in collaboration with leadership, and conduct interventions and design programs that will continue to address the issues that have been discovered.

From 1982-2002, my company, SRA, contracted to provide long term services to a variety of corporations. When you consult to entire corporations every day for several years, you earn an understanding of organizations that most consultants who are working only on short term, specific assignments in certain departments, will not develop. Similarly, by consulting to a variety of companies over several years, you understand the differences in corporate cultures that working for one organization cannot provide. This experience of working over time with differing, daily corporate concerns, problem situations, and individuals has provided me with a unique knowledge of organizations and how businesses function.

Other Areas of Expertise

Other Areas of Expertise


Finance Dr. Shelley Reciniello

For twenty years, my former company, SRA, contracted with several financial organizations from large Wall Street giants to small providers of financial and related services. Providing employee assistance programs, executive coaching, crisis intervention, leadership and training seminars gave me a unique exposure to investment banking, sales and trading, and other areas of the financial services industry. I am proud to have earned a reputation as a trusted consultant, effective in the boardroom as well as the mailroom.Over the years, I have continued to provide consultation and executive coaching to a wide variety of financial institutions.

The Arts

The Arts Dr. Shelley Reciniello

I have cultivated a special expertise in working with artists and in the business of the arts. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and theatre. My dissertation for my psychology doctorate was entitled “Toward an Understanding of the Performing Artist” and created a psychological profile of actors and dancers in three categories: students, working professionals, and famous performers and looked at the intersection of personality and creativity.  I continue to view creativity as the healthiest part of the self, and I work privately with actors, dancers, singers, painters, writers, and other artists. I also consult to organizations in the arts and entertainment. I have run groups for theatrical companies and provided clinical character descriptions and understanding to actors for role research.

Fashion and Luxury Goods

Fashion and Luxury Goods Dr. Shelley Reciniello

I have  been consulting to luxury goods and fashion companies, schools, individual designers, and entrepreneurs for many years, and I have also worked in the related industries of fragrance and cosmetics. In the late 1980’s, I was an internal spokesperson for Avon and accompanied Sally Jesse Raphael as psychological expert on an Avon district managers tour. As an avid collector of vintage clothing, I have great respect for the artistry and business of making fashion.

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