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Dr. Shelley Reciniello

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching


I don’t like jargon; I prefer accessible concepts and real-life examples. I believe in honesty, humor, and inspiration. I also care a great deal. I take seriously the impact I will have on people and I honor that responsibility.

I have been coaching executives since the mid 1980’s and my mentor, Harry Levinson, is globally acknowledged as the father of executive coaching. I practice Coaching for Conscious Leadership which is detailed in my book, The Conscious Leader: 9 principles and practices to create a wide-awake and productive workplace.  This type of coaching requires not only a keen appreciation of the business at hand and the business culture and its subculture, but also a perceptive knowledge of human psychology. I am confident in my ability to combine my coaching expertise with my experience as a business owner and manager to create professional change and growth. I work with organizations who refer clients and I also work with individual professionals who self-refer for private coaching.

My overall philosophy of coaching is that standardized, one-size-fits-all coaching methods are rarely helpful. The second caveat is that no two organizations and no two individuals are alike –– the interplay between an individual and an organization is unique. Coaching, therefore, involves helping a particular individual and a particular organization to achieve, whenever possible, an optimal relationship.

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