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Dr. Shelley Reciniello


I have been speaking publicly since high school when I became active in theatre and forensics. I was honored with many awards and scholarships and I am still proud of placing 4th in the nation in Original Oratory in the National Forensic League Championship Tournament in 1968! 


I also have a degree in theatre arts and credits as a professional actress and  many years of addressing a wide variety of audiences about psychological topics, and this still remains my passion. For client companies, non-profit, educational and other organizations, nationally and globally, I have presented everything from keynote speeches to eulogies, from one hour to several days of workshops, and conducted and participated in panel discussions, and appeared in training videos.


My goal is always to be engaging and entertaining, to keep the content deep yet accessible and applicable, and my intention is to shift a paradigm, inspire, and change lives.

Popular presentations which I offer from a keynote to a full-day seminar include:

When I speak about the necessity of consciousness in our lives and in our work, I draw from the concepts and applications described in my book, The Conscious Leader: 9 principles and practices to create a wide-awake and productive workplace. But the principles and practices are not just applicable to leaders but to anyone who would like work to be a more positive, satisfying and enjoyable experience.

The Conscious Leader presentations:

Leading Consciously

Working Consciously: Become Awake and Engaged

Reclaiming Work (This takes employee engagement to a deeper level)

What Consciousness Awakens: Morality, Dignity, and Legacy


The following are among several other successful presentations:

Making Conflict and Anger Positive Forces

Creating Progressive Not Regressive Teams

Thriving Through Change: Living in a Time of Uncertainty

Diversity: One More Time Why It Is Good For Business

Creating Civil, Collaborative, and Respectful Workplaces

Practicing Good Mental Hygiene

*All presentations are always customized to address the interests and issues of a particular audience. All audiences can be accommodated.  All titles may be changed.

For almost 40 years, I have been privileged to work with thousands of women through corporate leadership development and training programs, coaching, and psychotherapy which has given me a unique opportunity to understand the internal playing field and how it interacts with what goes on externally in the workplace. I created “Breaking the Glass Ceiling Within ™” which is presented as a keynote, workshop, or webinar to help professional women overcome external and internal barriers to success, health, and fulfillment.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling Within ™ 

The workplace still says no to women, but how do we say no to ourselves?

Are you awake? Are you engaged in your work and in your life? Are you unconsciously holding yourself back?

“Breaking the Glass Ceiling Within workshop uses the 9 Principles and Practices from Dr. Shelley’s book The Conscious Leader to create consciousness on an individual and corporate level.

We will recognize how the many challenges of the workplace can create or intensify our unconscious, internal conflicts and cause us to self-sabotage.

We will take a guided tour into our deepest selves and begin the work of making what is unconscious conscious.  We will recognize patterns in ourselves and others and not push buttons or let ours be pushed.


When you have honest self-awareness coupled with a true understanding of what happens to people when they come together to work, you have real power.


Practicing mindfulness is a very worthy practice but becoming conscious is a prerequisite to being mindful. When we work and live consciously, we can break the glass ceiling within and fulfill our highest potential.


This workshop wakes women up and nothing is ever the same!

I think about tea as a metaphor and a method for living life fully. I have been a clinical and corporate psychologist for almost forty years in the middle of New York City and I have come upon some very basic truths about how to have a more successful and fulfilling life. Here is one:  Tea requires preparation, if you are going to make a good cup, and it requires time to drink it properly. Life also requires preparation, and when we take the time to prepare for life and make time for the living of life, we have some of the ingredients for a life worth living.


Every day I take a tea break. It helps me create the empty space where the unconscious can be made conscious, where conflicts and creative visions can come into the light of day. For centuries, China, Japan, India, the Arab nations, the United Kingdom, and Ireland have understood what the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, wrote in the Tao Te Ching, “To hold and fill a cup to overflowing is not as good as stopping in time.”

I conduct tea seminars for organizations, spas, and private groups focusing on the psychology of drinking tea. I also incorporate some history, health tips, and facts about brewing tea. A Tea Salon for women can be a stand alone gathering for women to discuss tea and life and work issues and can also function as an adjunct offering at a conference or organizational event supporting women’s interests.

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